Common women uterine diseases and prevention of nursing

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Uterine bear the burden of inoculated foetuses, but often arise problems of one kind or another. For moms, once the uterus problems, will not affect fetal growth will not affect the normal childbirth and obstetrics in future experts have buildings having a "baby" but also the existence of problems of moms who made the following recommendations:

Five big questions prospective mother uterus needs attention

Cervical canal in polyp

Explains: the cervical canal is in the uterus cervical polyp of bubbly soft material, usually it is only through the gynecological examination to find out. Although not a great problem in pregnancy, but may cause local infection.

 Expert advice: gynecological examination or husband and wife of ex-post, pay attention to whether bleeding symptoms. If polyps part appear bleeding damage that may cause the bacteria enter and cause infection. If polyps are small, generally will not affect the fetus will not affect the normal deliveries. However, because of the cervical canal is an inflammatory polyps, postpartum treatment still needs to be positive, cervical polyps are also easy to relapse, therefore, should be checked regularly.

Myoma of uterus long

Services: 30 years of female, 30% to 50% of people suffering from uterine fibroids may, in General, problems in pregnancy thus depends on the size and growth position myoma.

Expert advice: in early pregnancy, if you check out the size of the 5 myoma cm above, it is necessary to guard against abortion and premature delivery takes place. In addition, if a long in the vicinity of the placenta of myoma, we should closely observe the placenta function correctly.

Delivery time is the use of vaginal delivery or cesarean section, to 37 weeks of pregnancy through the observation of the position and size of uterine Leiomyoma. If the uterine cervix parts long will have an impact on delivery, cesarean should be taken in order to take the child to be born and smoothly.

In addition, myoma of uterus during childbirth is likely due to a shrinkage and bleeding. Most fibroids postpartum will automatically get smaller, so no need to be removed immediately, subject to periodic follow-up.

Cervical insufficiency

Explains: the greatest danger lies in the absence of symptoms, uterine Stith, miscarriage or premature delivery. So, you want to keep in mind that the timely antenatal.

Expert advice: If the B-scan in the diagnosis, the cervix is shorter, the uterus are open and should be immediately operative tightening the uterus estuary. This is a fetus does not have any influence of simple operation, generally requiring hospital treatment. Surgery to prevent infections, antibiotic powder can be used to clean the vagina. 37 weeks pregnant, you can remove the ligation wires can be normal deliveries.

In General, cervical insufficiency and does not affect the post-natal recovery, but it is best not to prevent the exfoliation on IUDs.

Early cancer of the cervix

Solve: almost all of the prospective mother will be the first antenatal check for cervical cancer screening. If cancer is found early, appropriate treatment, almost all patients can be cured.

If the filter is found in the tendency of cervical cancer, the doctor will usually be cell checks again and colposcopy, to confirm that cervical cancer stage carcinogenesis, after the need to maintain a period of observation.

Expert advice: cervical cancer will progress with pregnancy and development will not affect the fetus. Usually diagnosed after the cervix, most cases have to be observed that serious need for surgical resection. Do the conical resection, cervical canal becomes shorter, so beware of abortion or the incidence of preterm birth. After strenuous exercise, don't do it in bed resting.

Additionally necessary to remind that, regardless of whether it is in the early stage or cervical cancer, after 1 month need to be reviewed once again confirm the disease progression, to adjust the treatment measures.

Uterine malformation

Services: normal uterine oval, like a PEAR upside down. There are, however, the inside of the uterus is bow or, these are divided into two halves are known as uterine malformations, clinical general.

Expert advice: uterine malformation causes fetal growth space smaller, so that particular attention to the incidence of preterm birth or abortion. If the uterus during pregnancy can be fully dilated, generally do not occur too big a problem. Uterine malformations of the mother to be very prone to sanyinjiao, at this point, you can choose to caesarean section. If the calf is normal, but also with natural mode of delivery.

Generally speaking, so long as smoothly through pregnancy and childbirth, uterine malformation does not impact on postpartum recovery.

What kind of women are in breast cancer risk?

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From breast cancer epidemiology of view, the occurrence of breast cancer worldwide each year is about 1.28 million women around, but the patient died of breast cancer is about 500,000. Even so, a variety of tumors in breast cancer treatment or the best one. From the international epidemiological situation, the world's highest breast cancer occurred, or in North America, the Nordic these places; Eastern Europe, Australia may be the incidence of middle; like China, the incidence was 18.7 per 100,000 in the whole around the world in terms of it is the lowest. But in our country such a low-fat, it also showed the incidence of unbalanced situation. Some of China's coastal regions such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou these economies more developed regions, is the highest incidence rates in the region. Such as Shanghai, Shanghai in 1972 started when the tumor registration statements, when the incidence is 17.7 per 30,000, but in 2003 the incidence of breast cancer in Shanghai is 61.2 per 100,000. After the age of standardized reached after 37/100000. In 2003 compared with 1972, the incidence has more than doubled.

Breast-feeding can be easily anti-breast cancer

What are the factors and related to the occurrence of breast cancer?

Professor Shen: Clinical found that about 15% to 20% of breast cancer patients have family history. In addition, there are about 5 percent of hereditary breast cancer. Breast cancer incidence of the main endocrine told the body there are some relationships, that is, with the body's estrogen levels. If the following circumstances, you may be the occurrence of breast cancer high-risk groups.

1. Menarche younger than 12 years of age or menopausal age than 55 years of age.

2. First child of childbearing age more than 35 years old, or childbirth, postpartum non-breast-feeding.

3. Menstrual cycle short.

4. Postmenopausal obesity, weight gain or the use of estrogen replacement therapy.

People over the risk of occurrence of breast cancer is 1.3-3 times the normal population in need of special care!

Professor Shen said: The most effective way or periodic check-ups, women over the age of 40 do a check regularly on an annual basis. However, the 35-year-old woman does not recommend the following to do X-ray examination. Because the 35-year-old before her breast is relatively weak, particularly in the 25-year-old to 35 years old, if it is not marriage of course, does not recommend her to X-ray examination.

Suggest the women to do monthly self-examination, this has allowed us to early clinical lesions. It is very important, women's breasts If it is found that there are lumps, or recommendations to the hospital to check there.

If you do X-ray examination, but also not clear, magnetic resonance can be done, it can be done B ultrasonic examination, as B-ultrasound examination is a physical method, the breast will not cause any damage. Can also be done on the nipple fluid checks.

May be preventable and curable, but early

With early diagnosis of breast cancer by the attention the progress of treatment, clinical use of new drugs in recent years, breast cancer mortality rate decreased year by year. Therefore, the treatment of early breast cancer are: cure cancer, reduce the postoperative tumor recurrence and death risks, to extend free survival and prolong the survival time.

Beijing 307 Hospital of Professor Jiang Zefei talking about: there are a lot of breast cancer is now the opportunity to cure, if the 70's 80 personal illness, 20 people were killed, then in 90 years time despite more than 100 disease, and death is still or 20, meaning that despite the discovery of more cases, but the fact that more patients can stay away from the risk of death, so breast cancer is preventable and treatable.

Breast cancer treatment has been progress, there are currently dependent on hormone-receptor positive, there are dependent on targeted therapy and chemotherapy combined, there is a negative. Treatment in the future, we advocate, when you diagnosed with breast cancer when you can tell which belongs to the slow development of breast cancer, which belongs to the development of faster, because although the same breast cancer, but there are different types of diseases. Professional doctors will determine the different categories according to treatment.

At present, there are many new ways of treatment, but chemotherapy is still the most commonly used, the most critical treatment. In fact, the breast cancer treatment with other cancer treatments, as emphasized patient-centered, choice of surgical treatment, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, endocrine therapy and molecular target for treatment.

Precautions for pregnant women

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Some say: "Only a woman gave birth to a child, be considered as a complete woman." Perhaps, I thought about it in the human female, a wife, mother, the life of the session, there is no choice, and some though choice, but if you do not choose that life will be left defect. Especially the mother, this is really a very wonderful process.

Links in this life, you can have a rich taste of life on our surprise, the arrival of new arrival. Parenting course pleased and man troubles and his mother on their parents experience feelings of gratitude and so on. You will feel everything was actually kind of rare! This, Miao child mother in particular summed up the experience of some individuals about the so-called experience when the mother, was given the opportunity to read this blog of you mothers.

First, to maintain a happy mood.

Miao child mother that maintaining a happy mood, the mother in terms of targeting is particularly important. Can not remember the information on what is seen, mothers in the mood, the character of the formation of the fetus is directly affected. However, to do this, but not so easy. First, early pregnancy, most mothers will experience endless morning sickness. Into the mid-pregnancy, although the morning sickness is over, but with abdominal swelling, shape changes, a lot of beauty in the mothers often will not help for a break from worrying about a beautiful dress. The late into the pregnancy, the disabled and mothers who become the most trouble. Faced with such variety, easy to maintain a good mood! However, as long as mothers are more at this time think about the unborn baby, everything will work out of. Optimistic approach is that morning sickness what they were afraid to vomit eating Bai.

Has delayed marriage and childbearing women are physically and mentally ill

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When the female age of marriage for more than 30 years old, child-bearing age more than 33 years old, are "over-delayed marriage and childbearing." According to the survey, as early as the beginning of 2004, in Beijing older unmarried persons have about 150,000 people, Shanghai, 12 million people, and Guangdong as high as 1,500,000. A few years later, "left men and women left" more and more older women were nearly three times the number of unmarried men.

Status: "The woman left" much larger than that of "men and left"

Survey data show that in 2006, Shenzhen's white-collar unmarried older women have more than 200,000, and in older unmarried white-collar population as a whole, the proportion of men and women for 3 to 7. Guangdong Province, family planning specialist hospital director Dr. Zhu Guoping, "women left," the increase, the reasons for nothing more than the following:

Wait for the true love of appeared wasted youth

Love pushed to the pursuit of a supremacy, and Secret Love, Kulian, love, San Jiaolian always caused by the large number of female sympathy.

Over the pursuit of perfection

The problem is that many people are too sober, can not tolerate each other's shortcomings, especially with the "three high" (a highly educated and jobs, the high-income) more and more women, in their pursuit of the cause of spouse and higher standards, wait until marriage When found, educational level and age similar to that of most of the men are married.

Women choose to narrow the scope of

Many professional exchanges between the narrow side, most of the office romance is no alternative choice. However, the same face contact, 82-year-old professor can choose 28-year-old master's degree, on the contrary, it will not do.

Decided the fate of character

Bold women will be less fractious women easy access to small "buddy" love.

The greater the more difficult the cycle of marriage

With the passage of time, can not have a thing, you no longer feel envy, longing, but indifferent, insensitive.

Parents will afford to spare Hengdao

"Match" the will of the parents of men and women about their marriage.

Under brilliant page: delayed marriage and childbearing women will get what disease?
Survey: older unmarried women do 70 Fujian

From the 2007 "Chinese women living Blue Book" show that Fujian has never done professional women, 67.1 percent are single women. Whether annual or biennial Fujian Fujian, unmarried cohabitation and single female ratio is significantly lower than married women. To a certain extent, because of this secular vision, gynecological diseases imperceptibly hindered and other diseases prevention and early treatment, their health is a potential hazard.

Against: caused by psychological, physiological and a number of diseases


The work to one's liking, inter-personal best of both worlds, seemed bustling, but with every mind, but could not find the right talk targeted at white-collar group, the "lonely" was their common expression. With age, loneliness index in the older unmarried women in white-collar higher.

U.S. scientists a new study shows that loneliness will age more than 50-year-old middle-aged and elderly suffering from high blood pressure increase the risk. The study is the most lonely person's blood pressure values than non-lonely people's blood pressure, high-value 30Hgmm. This suggests that loneliness overloading and not with the heart of the campaign against the same extent.

In addition, the loneliness of the human immune system will be reduced to make it easier than the same kind of people suffering from a cold. Compared with others, strong sense of loneliness in their blood levels of IL-6 the highest, which is the human material may be inflammation and atherosclerosis is one of the markers.

Sexual repression

Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen, deputy director of obstetrics and gynecology physicians Jian Gu pointed out that in addition to living together, unmarried elderly women do not have normal sex life. Physical, sexual repression will lead to long-term female sexual vaginal disuse atrophy, reducing secretions or dried, disease and decline caused by inflammation of the urogenital tract. Psychological, long-term depression, the brain will suppress sexual desire, will change the character, temperament, such as depression, is moving, and so angry, but also there are all sorts of symptoms of neurosis, such as sleep disorders, such as neurasthenia performance. Sexual repression may lead to abnormal sexual, such as homosexuality and so on.


Hyperplasia of the breast to 30-year-old to 50-year-old middle-aged and young women the most common, older and unmarried, without children or Health had been breast-feeding women and depression, the most likely to have on the disease. Long-term infertility, infertility is also the endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer risk factors: a long-term in the absence of endometrial progesterone antagonist of the estrogen effect, the occurrence of endometrial hyperplasia may even cancer; ovarian hormones in the month under Continuous cell proliferation, ovulation, an increase of cancer incidence.

On the interpretation of the term of pregnancy

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Fetus in its mother to bear the body of a growing process. During pregnancy for women known as pregnant women, pregnant women, said the first time in early pregnancy, childbirth once said that early maternal, pregnancy or 2 times 2 times more than that by the maternal. Fertilized egg to the beginning of pregnancy, the fetus and placenta that is adjunct ﹑ membrane from inside the mother is discharged to terminate the pregnancy. The entire process of pregnancy for 280 days, 28 days for the month of a pregnancy, so for the full 10 months or 40 weeks of pregnancy, as the fertilized egg difficult to accurately determine the date and, therefore, date (EDC) of that. The projected date is: From the first day of the last menstrual date, plus 9 months, the number of days plus 7. In the event of extended or shortened menstrual cycle, the date should be a corresponding increase or decrease in the actual date of birth and date of the project will have 1 to 2 weeks out. Fetus during pregnancy and its subsidiary organizations in the development of the body of pregnant women, the mother of many changes have taken place. These are physiological changes, but change has become more than a certain limit pathological phenomenon.
Edit this paragraph pregnancy condition
1, there must be a mature and healthy sperm and eggs. 2, sperm and egg channel, including the vas deferens ﹑ male urethra ﹑ ﹑ the vagina cavity uterine cervix ﹑ ﹑ fallopian tubes must be free, but must function normally. 3, sperm and egg must be met. If the female menstrual regularity and ovulation period is usually in the next 14 days before menstruation. Eggs from the ovary after discharge, if 24 hours is the beginning of degeneration unfertilized egg discharged after 15 to 18 hours of fertilization was the most effective. Sperm in the female reproductive tract in survival time is inconclusive, the general said after sexual intercourse 1 to 3 days of fertility. 4, Yunluan implantation must be appropriate to the environment, that is, the endometrium showed changes in the secretory phase. 5, Yunluan with the development of endometrial must be synchronized in a state that is the first 7 to 8 days of the fertilized egg to implant after ovulation to 7 to 8 days on the endometrium.
Edit this paragraph in the process of pregnancy
Including fertilized eggs, fertilized eggs ﹑ operation and development of embryo implantation and the formation of the layer.
Ovulation period of mature eggs fertilized egg from the ovary discharged into the fallopian tube ampulla, when the cervical mucus thin, fit into the sperm. Sexual intercourse, the sperm reach after vaginal vault, part of the sperm through the cervical canal ﹑ ﹑ tubal mouth cavity, the fallopian tubes to the isthmus at the junction with the ampulla. Wear into the egg must go through before ﹑ form of physical and biochemical changes, known as the sperm can be, to be the head of sperm into the egg, egg to remain in the rear, the fusion of sperm and egg into a fit of the new cells, this process Known as fertilization. The fertilized egg has been fertilized egg is called or Yunluan. Yunluan contains 46 chromosomes (from the parents of 23).
﹑ Development of the fertilized egg to run with the implantation of the fertilized egg development and is running at the same time. As the muscle wall of the fallopian tube and tubal motility mucosa of the cilia swing, the fertilized egg to the uterine cavity gradually move in after fertilization 3 to 4 days to reach uterine cavity, in the process of running for mitosis, the side Yunluan reach the fallopian tube when the uterus has become A solid cell mass, shape, such as Mulberry, said the morula. Morula side forward, a continuation of cell division, the outer layer of relatively rapid cell division to form a wall, said the trophoblast is Yunluan contact with the mother, it will form the placenta and the other outside the structure of the embryo. The inner cell division slow the formation of inner cell mass, is the future of the primordial embryonic development. At this point the Yunluan called blastocysts, or blastocyst. In the first post-fertilization of about 7 to 8 days, trophoblast cells and endometrial contact the syncytial cell differentiation. Endometrial cells fit for the decomposition of protein-destruction, invasive endometrial blastocysts that the dense layer of endometrial surface quickly repaired, that is buried in endometrial blastocyst, a process known as the fertilized egg-sik Income, or implantation.
Mesoderm formation after fertilization in about 9 to 10 days, the inner cell mass proliferation and differentiation soon, split into two layers, namely, ectoderm and the endoderm. Two-cell division are very fast, and the re-formation of a cavity, that is, and the amniotic sac, between the two organizations known as the embryonic disc, the division will become part of the fetal body. The beginning of the third week after fertilization, the embryo at the site of the tumor within ﹑ between tumor differentiation from the mesoderm, the embryo at this time has been set in outer ﹑ ﹑ in three germ layers, the formation of embryos has to say. In the future will be formed tumor of the nervous system ﹑ ﹑ skin hair and nails, etc.; mesoderm to form skeletal muscle ﹑ ﹑ ﹑ blood circulatory system and connective tissue ﹑ urogenital systems; endoderm will be formed to digest ﹑ the respiratory epithelium and the Gland, and so on.

Influenza vaccination during pregnancy

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In order to avoid the harmful effects of the flu, in a decision prior to pregnancy, influenza vaccination. After 3 months of pregnancy, but also influenza vaccination, as this stage, the influenza vaccination for pregnant women and fetuses of pregnant women in general will not be adversely affected. In addition, pregnant women often come into close contact with family members is also the best influenza vaccination; Otherwise, family members developed symptoms of fever, cough, and other flu-like symptoms, to the extent possible to pregnant women with isolation.

Nanjing Maternal and Child Health Bureau Zhuang Qichao director of the hospital, if too late to vaccinate, but also pay attention to the prevention of influenza during pregnancy because of specific immune tolerance,

resulting in pregnant women immunity against the disease than the general population low, is susceptible. For the prevention of influenza, and many pregnant women know to wear masks when they go out as much as possible, to return home after the first hand-washing, furniture and electrical appliances regularly scrub the surface, because the virus can cause flu attached to the surface, if no intention to contact and then hand-to-nose , Eyes, mouth, and other parts, there are likely to be infected with influenza. Also, pay attention to indoor air circulation to keep the environment clean on a regular basis for indoor air disinfection. To have the law of life, not too tired, and should ensure that sleep for 10 hours in a day or so. Diet should be diversified to ensure that attention to the intake of balanced nutrition, not a particular kind of food, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, as well as adequate protein food, drink more water, to promote the body of toxins emitted. Appropriate to enhance physical exercise and do more outdoor activities, sun and improve the body's adaptation to climate change.

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Early settlement of the psychological problems of pregnant women

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Early pregnant mothers prone to psychological problems, there are three or less. Pregnant women make emotional instability, strong dependence, and even showed nervous. This is a pregnant woman and fetus in a disadvantaged position.

Excessive worry:

Some pregnant women do not understand the scientific and easy to produce so happy and worried about the ambivalence. For their own child's ability to perform physical tasks, whether or not the normal fetal always skeptical of any substance can be refused on the journey of a thousand miles.

Early reaction:

Strictly speaking, early response (Yuntu) is a physical and psychological factors arising from the symptoms. However, medical experts found that Yuntu and psychological factors are closely related. If the offensive pregnant women, the vast majority of Yuntu and will be accompanied by weight loss, if the pregnant woman is exposed character, psychological and emotional changes, will occur Yuntu and other severe reactions.

Psychological stress:

Some relatives of pregnant women and children eager hope, the future of life knows nothing about, as housing, income, infant care and other issues of concern that led to a high degree of psychological tension.

These negative state of mind, pregnant women make emotional instability, strong dependence, and even showed nervous. This is a pregnant woman and fetus in a disadvantaged position. To improve the principle that pregnant women, I have to do everything as far as possible, open-minded, and do not have to care about; the event of did not matter to one's liking, not going to go to a dead end. Husbands and other relatives to care for and take care of pregnant women, pregnant women should not be too bad to stimulate, not to do so may of pregnant women suspicious of the words and deeds, so that the psychological state of pregnant women to keep in top condition.